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December  2017 Volume 1, Issue 2                      Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you: he is
                                                          the Messiah, the Lord.   Luke 2:11 NIV

                            PASTOR’S                   Good News Clubs

                              CORNER                   Grace Church is involved with the Good News

                                                       Clubs of America for children. The Clubs’
                                                       learning program systems are patterned after
                                                       the same ones used by the Child Evangelical
                                                       Fellowship, (CEF) since its establishment in 1937.
      Pastor Carlos Castañeda, (our Hispanic
                                                               According to Michael Felt, elder at Grace Church,
      pastor) says: “Our Church is one church
                                                       the Good News Clubs, in essence target their outreaches to
      that speaks two languages, yet is united
                                                       young children, who are tender and most susceptible in
      together by faith and purpose to reach           relation to receiving the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus
      people for Jesus Christ. It’s vision, like that   Christ. “85 percent of any given population and
      of the Apostle Paul’s, is to know Him in the     demographic who decide to follow Jesus are
      power of His resurrection, the fellowship of     young children, (Four--14 years old)” says Felt.
      His sufferings, making disciples, and send-              The class materials are unique, effective,
      ing them into the world.”                        and excellent. For one example, there’s the
                                                       wordless book with pictures. The gold page
      “Obedience to the Word of God is essential       represents God’s love and holiness; the dark
      for growth,” says Pastor Carlos.  Grace          page, represents sin, the red page, the
      Church is more than just a building, it’s a      blood of Jesus, and so on. The children
      place where the people come into agree-          respond with appropriate scriptures and
      ment with the Lord to fulfill His plan and       applicable comments. As for their (screened
                                                       and vetted) instructors, the children instinctively
      purpose.  As it says in the Word we are
                                                       choose those with whom they have the most
      workers together with God.  We are totally
                                                       rapport and flexible interaction.
      dependent on hearing His voice and know-
                                                       They really open up when they are shown the love
      ing what He wants.
                                                       of God. The learning is a  two-way street
      Pastor Carlos says the Lord put him and          approach--Everyone learns!
      pastor Bruce together as like-minded team
                                                                      To date, there are eight of these
      builders.  Letting go and al-
                                                                      clubs in the Valley. Besides learning,
      lowing the Holy Spirit to take
                                                                      there are a lot of games, baked cookies
      the church where God sees
                                                                      and fun at our club here at Grace Church.
      fit, is their consensual atti-                                  But best of all, the kids who get in and
      tude and desire.                                                learn when they are young tend to stay
                                                                      in when they are  older.
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