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                    “...let us press on to know the LORD, his going out is sure as the dawn,

       he will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.” Hosea 6: 3 (NRSV)
      On Wednesday, March 21,2018, the Pastors and Elders of the church,  held A Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

                    Conference Speaker,                          2. Mobilizing the church via preaching, teaching, training and written
         Personal & Organizational Coach                         3. Equipping believers to use their work and social lives as a platform

                                Manuel Zarate was our guest      for ministry and transformation.
                         speaker here at Grace Church from the 20th
                         to the 25th of February. He also met sepa-     Manuel’s passion is to help individuals enhance their think-
                         rately with the Pastors, Elders and staff.    ing and leadership abilities so that they can succeed professionally
                         Throughout  his messages, Manuel strongly   without harming their personal, family, and spiritual life in the process.
                         emphasized that giving and serving in our   He is convinced that personal wellness results in professional effec-
                         chosen capacities and gifts will bless and   tiveness and healthy organizational development.
                         enhance the body of believers walk with
                         Jesus.                                         Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith understands us

                         Manuel was born and raised in the plains of   thoroughly and personally. He knows what He put inside each of us
      Columbia, between the Andean mountains and the Amazonian Jun-  from birth. Our part as Christians is to diligently seek His will and pur-
      gle. His life is one of a sequence of miracles: a childhood plagued by   pose for our lives. Ask, seek, and knock and the door will be opened
      unfortunate circumstances like months without walking due to rheu-  unto you. (KJV) For examples, God knew that David was a man who’s
      matic fever; exposure to witchcraft through a relative who was the
      shaman of the region; learning disability; father abandonment, and   heart He could put His Word into despite his faults and weaknesses.
      alcoholism. At seventeen his life had come to a dead end until God   He saw Peter being the one who He could build His church on
      came on the scene. He became a believer through the work of Ameri-  through a living revelation (rock) of who He was despite his perspec-
      can missionaries and within a few months he started Bible school in   tives of non Jewish cultures. When Jesus called Andrew and Peter
      McAllen, Texas. Since 1990, Manuel has traveled the world giving   who were fishermen, He said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers
      talks and lectures in academic, ecclesiastical and executive circles in
      more than 30 countries. Manuel and his wife, Sandra, have lived in   of men.” They continued being fisherman, but the definition took on a
      Birmingham, Alabama since 2001. They have three grown sons.   different form. We’re not happy until we are doers of what we are
                                                                 called to do. The prophet Joel describes this in relation to knowing our
             Dr. Zarate is a Christian thinker and leader who helps us find
      answers to the dilemmas of life and society from a biblical perspec-  places: They shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not
      tive.  He equips us to discern and engage the culture today so that we   break their ranks…(Joel 2:7 KJV)    Nevertheless, Manuel said the
      can lead it instead of being led by it.  Manuel states that his mission in   two characteristics that will keep us as God’s people from coming into
      life is to “Create Transforming Leaders and Thinkers for Church and   our blessing and destiny is
      society in the 21st century.” Zarate has dedicated his life to transform-  selfishness and greed. Giving
      ing the leaders and the professional class of our world with the mes-
      sage of Jesus Christ. The strategy is three-fold:          and serving in our chosen
                                                                 capacities and gifts will neu-
      1.Bringing the message of Christ in a relevant and compelling way to   tralize this negative condition.
      secular settings.
                                                                 Dr. Manuel Zarate M.A., PhD
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