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What Jesus Means To Me                                   On Wednesday, February 21,2018, the Pastors and
                                                              Elders of the church,  held a “Volunteer Appreciation
     By Leslie Kleckner                                       Dinner”  where they recognized several people who
                                                              have been serving at Grace Church for many years.
     I shared some of my tes mony                             Manuel Zarate, was the keynote speaker. He re-
                                                              minded us that our attitudes should be Gratitude, Service and Generosity
     recently and am excited for the
                                                              towards God, and others.
     opportunity to share more of
     what the Lord has done for me                            Some of the ministries are listed below:
     here.                                                            Care Team - Jerri Means
                                                                      Celebrate Recovery—Bob Lee
     Even though I accepted Jesus as                                  Kitchen - Kathryn Whitlock
                                                                      Ladies Ministry -Donna Nunziato
     my personal savior when I was
                                                                      Weddings/Memorials -Joy and Jerry Aucoin
     six years old and our family                                     Good News Club - Michael Felt
     a ended church, our home was a train wreck.  My mother           Literacy and Parenting Ministry -Connie Montgomery
                                                                      God’s Closet - Linda Nielsen
     loved the Lord and tried to love her children; but came under
                                                                      World Outreach Committee– Cherie Rouleau
     the totalitarian authority of my father who did not have the      Hispanic Men’s Ministry—Elmer Argumedo
     “dad or husband card.” He was a broken man from a broken         Cleaning –Leticia Gamboa
     home and took out his frustra on on his family.  My four sib-    Library—Dianne  Schweigert
                                                                      Ushers—Jean Gervais and Horacio Vera
     lings and I suffered setbacks throughout our childhood. How-
     ever, each of us has overcome them as God con nues to heal,
     comfort, revive and redeem us.
     My siblings have served and ministered while learning to lean
     on Him throughout our lives. Tim, re red from the ministry,
     recently spent 10 days in Rwanda teaching 1,000 young minis-
     ters, some of whom walked 100 miles for the conference.  The
     Hutus killed all of the ministers, 20 years ago, the need there is

     We would not have made it through a broken marriage and
     destruc ve childhood without the Holy Spirit. What Satan
     meant for us was destruc on; but God has plans for each of
     us! For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee
     in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou
     dash thy foot against a stone. Psa.91:11-12. The word “dash”
     means bring to u er destruc on!

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        “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
        crea on, the old has gone, the new has come!”              
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